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Refund policy

How refunds work with Bike Hub Pay

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Bike Hub Pay is committed to ensuring a safe and secure transaction environment for both buyers and sellers. This refund policy outlines the conditions under which refunds will be processed and the procedures for requesting a refund.

Non-refundable situations

A deal is considered non-refundable under the following conditions:

  • The buyer has accepted the item via the "Complete Deal" button.

  • More than 48 hours have passed since the item was delivered by the courier company.

  • The item has been used by the buyer.

Eligibility for refunds

Refunds through Bike Hub Pay may be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Non-Receipt of Goods: The buyer did not receive the item from the seller.

  • Significantly Not as Described: The item received by the buyer is significantly different from the description provided by the seller.

  • Damaged or Defective Goods: The item received is damaged or defective.

Non-receipt of goods

  • Item not sent:

    • If the seller hasn't sent the item within 7 calendar days of payment, the buyer will be eligible for a refund, and the deal will be canceled.

  • Item lost or damaged in transit:

    • Item lost in transit: If the item is lost in transit and the courier company confirms that the item is lost, the buyer will be eligible for a refund.

    • Item damaged in transit: If the item is damaged in transit, the buyer should notify Bike Hub Pay support and provide evidence of the damage (e.g., photos). Bike Hub Pay will review the evidence and, if validated, will issue a refund.

    • The seller will be instructed to contact the courier for compensation.

Goods not as described / damaged or defective goods

  • If the item differs materially from what the seller described, it can be returned for a full refund.

  • The buyer must create a dispute within 48 hours of receiving the item via the "Log Dispute" button on the deal page, providing proof of the issue:

    • The item with damaged parts visible.

    • The item's packaging showing its damaged parts.

    • The parts that do not match the description.

  • A member of the Bike Hub team will contact the buyer and seller to facilitate the dispute resolution process.

Return process

  1. Buyer informs seller that they would like to return the item.

  2. Seller shares return details with the Buyer to return the item via the same delivery method used initially.

  3. Buyer sends the item back to the seller and shares tracking information with Bike Hub via or our support channels.

  4. Seller receives the return and notifies Bike Hub to cancel the order.

  5. Bike Hub refunds the buyer in full.

โ€‹Return Shipping Costs: Unless agreed otherwise, it is the buyer's responsibility to arrange for the safe return of the item, including the cost of shipping.

Alternative arrangements

  • Buyers and sellers are entitled to come to an alternative arrangement to resolve an issue, for example a discount (partial refund).

  • Bike Hub will require confirmation of the revised agreement from each party and issue any partial refund due accordingly.

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