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I've accepted a Bike Hub Pay offer, what now?
I've accepted a Bike Hub Pay offer, what now?

How buyer payment and shipping/collection works.

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So you've accepted an offer via Bike Hub Pay, what now?
Next we'll ask the buyer to do the following:

  1. Supply their personal information for verification

  2. Confirm the exact delivery address (only for deals marked for delivery)

  3. Complete payment into the Bike Hub Pay account

Buyers have up to 72 hours from offer acceptance to complete these steps.
You'll be notified as soon as the buyer has completed payment.

Payment types & clearance times

Buyers can pay via Credit Card or EFT which may affect clearance times.

  • Credit card: Payment will clear immediately

  • EFT: Payment may take 1-2 working days to clear. You will be notified once the payment has cleared and it is safe to proceed with the deal.

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