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What if the buyer doesn't receive the item I've sent
What if the buyer doesn't receive the item I've sent

Item shipped, but the buyer claims to have not received it

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In the case of a dispute about the delivery of the item Bike Hub will defer to the tracking information from the courier company:

  • Delivery confirmed
    If the courier company confirms delivery was completed to the address supplied on the deal Bike Hub will deem the item to have been delivered on that date.

  • Delivery pending
    If the courier company tracking shows the delivery as still pending Bike Hub will await confirmation of delivery from the courier. The seller or buyer would be advised to follow up directly with the courier.

Use a trackable service and record tracking details

It is vital that a trackable courier service is used and that the tracking information is recorded to protect all parties in the event of a dispute.
In a deal requiring shipping (Courier or Counter-to-Counter), the seller will be required to mark the item as shipped which includes submitting the name of the courier company used and the tracking number.

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