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When do I receive payment?

The payout process for a seller using Bike Hub Pay

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If you're selling something using Bike Hub Pay here's how the payout process works.

What triggers the payout?
Your payment will be released in the following situations:

  • The buyer has received and accepted the item; or

  • The deal has been deemed as accepted by Bike Hub*

* Deemed acceptance: An item will be deemed as accepted by Bike Hub in a case where 48 hours have passed since confirmed delivery with no acceptance or dispute logged by the buyer.

How long will it take?

Your payment will be processed within a maximum of two working days from the date of acceptance.
​Where will I receive my funds?
Your payout will be sent to the bank account details provided upon acceptance of the offer. Payout can only be made to a South African bank account and account details will be verified before payment takes place.

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