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How do I make payment?

Paying for items with Bike Hub Pay

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If you're buying an item using Bike Hub Pay you'll be asked to make payment once the seller accepts your offer. Payment is made into a secure Bike Hub Pay bank account held with FNB.
Bike Hub will notify you via email and on-site notification when payment is required. You will be provided with a link to your Bike Hub Pay deal page to complete payment via EFT or Credit Card*.

​* Additional fees apply to Credit card transactions. Only available for amounts up to R50 000.

EFT Payment Instructions

If paying via EFT you will be provided with the bank account details, amount and a reference number for payment.

  • Use the reference number supplied to ensure the payment is correctly allocated.

  • When your EFT payment is complete, click on the ''Mark payment as complete" button.

  • Bike Hub will verify the payment as soon as it clears in our account, notifying both buyer and seller to proceed.

How long does payment take to clear?

  • EFT transactions may take 2-3 day to clear depending on the payers bank, timing and transaction type.

  • Credit Card transactions usually clear instantly.


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