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Rating a seller

How to post a feedback for a seller

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After buying an item on Bike Hub you might like to post feedback for the seller.
​How to add a rating for a seller:

  1. Seller tags you as the buyer
    Once an item is sold, the seller should mark the advert as sold on Bike Hub.
    When doing this they are asked to optionally tag you as the buyer and provide a rating for you.
    Bike Hub will notify you when a seller provides a rating for you and we'll share a quick link that allows you to add a rating for them.
    ​See more here: Rating a buyer

  2. Manually add a rating on the seller's profile
    In some cases you might want to add feedback on a seller's profile where they haven't already tagged you as the buyer.

    1. Navigate to the seller's profile page by either:

      1. Clicking on their name in a Chat conversation

      2. Clicking on their name on their advert page

      3. Search for their profile via the search bar on our homepage. Enter their username and then select "Users" in the dropdown box.

    2. Once on the seller's profile page, navigate to the reviews section and hit the "Write a review" button:

      1. Rate your experience with the user out of 5 stars, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

      2. Please also add comments about your experience with the seller.

      3. Once complete, click on 'Submit feedback' and your review will be added to their profile.

I'm not able to post feedback from the seller's profile.

In certain instances, you may receive an error message when attempting to post a review on a user's profile. This will occur if our system is unable to detect interaction between you and that user regarding an item listed in the Classifieds.
Read more here.

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