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Unable to leave a review for a user
Unable to leave a review for a user

Rules around posting ratings for other users

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The user review system on Bike Hub allows buyers and sellers to rate their experience following a deal.
โ€‹Unable to leave a review

In certain instances, you may receive an error message when attempting to post a review directly on a user's profile.

  • Unable to leave a review on a buyer's profile
    If you've sold an item to someone on Bike Hub, please follow these guidelines to post a review for the buyer (and request a review from them).

  • Unable to leave a review on a seller's profile
    If our system is unable to detect an interaction between you and the seller regarding an item listed in the Classifieds, you may be prevented from posting a review on their profile.

As per our Terms of service:

5.9. User reviews. User reviews should only be submitted where an agreement to transact exists or a transaction was concluded on Bike Hub. We reserve the right to remove feedback that relates to negotiations or communications where there was no agreement and/or a transaction did not take place or relates to a transaction not initiated via Bike Hub.

Unfortunately, if Bike Hub cannot verify the transaction or agreement a review relates to you may be unable to post a review.

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