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Disputes: How to resolve disagreements
Disputes: How to resolve disagreements

Has a deal not gone as planned? Here's how to proceed.

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Bike Hub Pay

For deals done through the Bike Hub Pay service we can assist with a return and refund by logging a dispute with us.

Direct Deals

For all transactions that were concluded direct with a buyer or seller (not using Bike Hub Pay), you will need to take up the matter with them privately.

Bike Hub has no authority to enforce or dissolve any agreements between private parties.

Here are some of the avenues you can choose to try to settle your dispute

1. Discuss it with the other party
Most reputable sellers or buyers are open to discuss such things to find a resolution.

This may include:

a. a partial refund, or

b. a complete refund and return of the goods

2. Small Claims Court
If the party is unwilling to find a resolution, you may have grounds for recourse through the Small Claims Court.

3. Report it to the Police
If a crime has been committed, please report it to the South African Police Service.

4. Report the Account to Bike Hub:
If there is a clear fraud or the person has infringed on our Terms and Policies, please report the account to Bike Hub. These would include situations where there is non-delivery of goods after payment or non-payment after delivery of goods.

5. Dealer Accounts
If the seller is a dealer, the Consumer Protection Act may apply and the seller could be required to replace or repair the item, or refund the buyer if within 6 months of the purchase.

6. Post a Rating for the User on Bike Hub
Within the context of Bike Hub you could post a rating on the sellers profile to advise others of your experience. While this unfortunately won't help your situation it will help to warn future buyers and where it occurs soon after the sale it often prompts sellers to reconsider their position.

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