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How do "Collection" deals work?

What happens if the item is collected in person?

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Bike Hub Pay can be used to facilitate deals where the goods are collected in person (i.e. not sent via a courier service).

For many collection deals cash or direct EFT might be the preferred route, however Bike Hub Pay can assist to:

  • Allow payment via Credit Card

  • Facilitate the holding of a deposit to secure an item

  • Remove the risk of carrying cash

Collection Process

Once the payment is secure, Bike Hub will notify both parties to proceed with the meet up.

The buyer will now have the chance to inspect the item in person before and the seller will know the buyer is good for the money.

If the buyer is happy with the item they hit "Complete the deal" on Bike Hub. This should be done while with the seller (before they leave with the goods).

Bike Hub will then process the payout to the seller.

Process Overview

Here's how collection deals work from start to finish.

1. Agreement: The buyer and seller agree on a deal

To kick off a deal the buyer submits an offer via the "Buy with Bike Hub Pay" button on the advert page. Note: The seller first needs to enable Bike Hub Pay on their advert, if they've not done so already.

2. Payment: The buyer makes payment

Once the seller has accepted the offer, the buyer will be asked to make payment via Bike Hub Pay. EFT payments are made directly to a bank account held by Bike Hub (details will be supplied at the payment step). Credit Card payments are made via our payment provider, PayFast.

3. Collection: The buyer and seller meet to view and accept the goods

After the payment has cleared in the Bike Hub account, the seller is given the all-clear to hand over the goods. At the time of viewing, if the buyer is happy with the item they can "Accept" the deal via the deal page on Bike Hub.
​Note: The buyer must accept the item on Bike Hub while with the seller (before they leave with the goods).

4. Payout: The seller receives the payout

That's it! Once the goods have been accepted by the buyer, the funds will be released to the seller and the deal is complete.

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