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Which courier should I use to ship my bicycle and parts?
Which courier should I use to ship my bicycle and parts?

How do I choose a courier?

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Bicycles and Larger Items

Any commercial courier company should be able to transport your bicycle for you.
The pricing does vary, so it is worthwhile getting more than one quote. You will likely be asked for the physical dimensions of the packaging (length, width, height) as well as the estimated weight.
The following couriers have been recommended by the Bike Hub Community in the Forums:

Please make sure that the bike is securely packaged so it does not get damaged in transport. It is not the courier company's responsibility to make sure the bike is correctly boxed. Your local bike shop will be able to assist you with the correct boxing.

Parts and Accessories

The courier companies mentioned above for complete bicycle shipping will be able to assist you with shipping smaller items too.

Smaller parts are often more easily shipped using a Counter-to-Counter courier service such as:

The fixed costs and ease of drop-off and pick-up might make these services more attractive for smaller items.
Please note that there are weight and volume limits with these services which restrict their use to smaller items and makes them unsuitable for complete bicycles.

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