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How shipping works?

Who pays for shipping and makes the arrangements in a Bike Hub Pay deal.

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If you need an item to be sent to you via courier there may be additional costs for shipping.

Some sellers might indicate that shipping is included in their listed price, but this would need to be discussed as part of your negotiations.


  • Buyers must discuss with Sellers to confirm they are willing to ship.

  • Negotiate and offer an amount for the item which includes shipping costs.

  • Use a trackable courier service. This is essential in the event of a dispute around delivery.

Who pays for the upfront shipping costs?
This is up to the parties to discuss and agree on who's paying for and booking the courier. Here are our suggestions:

  • Seller pays for and arranges shipping:
    Most courier services like Postnet or Aramex Dropbox will require the sender to pay for the shipping when sending the item.

    If using a service like this the seller would cover the up-front cost of shipping and would recover these costs with the payout once the deal is complete.

  • Buyer pays for and arranges shipping:
    Some services like Courier Guy allow either party to make a collection booking and payment online. This allows a buyer to handle the booking and payment if preferred.

    Note that you'll need to discuss collection dates and times with the seller and confirm their address beforehand.

What about return shipping costs?
In the event that there is an issue with the item you receive, return shipping may be required. Unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer would be responsible for any return shipping costs.


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