How do I enable Bike Hub Pay?

Allowing offers to buy via Bike Hub Pay

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Sellers can enable Bike Hub Pay on their adverts when first creating the advert or after.

Enable Bike Hub Pay on a new advert

When creating your advert, after entering the price simply toggle the "Accept offers via Bike Hub Pay" option on, if not already enabled.

Enable Bike Hub Pay on an existing advert

On your advert page you can enable Bike Hub Pay via the "Manage Ad" bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on "Enable Bike Hub Pay" to immediately enable; or

  • Click on "Edit" to enable Bike Hub Pay while updating other details

Once enabled, buyers will be able to make an offer to purchase. You'll be able to view and accept or decline any offers you receive.

Find out more about the Bike Hub Pay process here.

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