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Second-Hand Goods Act 2009
Second-Hand Goods Act 2009

The regulation of second-hand traders

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The trade in second-hand goods is regulated by the Second-Hand Goods Act 2009. The act covers dealers in second-hand goods and pawn brokers.

If you are buying or selling goods on Bike Hub that are not for your own personal use, it's likely that the Second-Hand Goods Act requires that you to register as a dealer.

Read the full Second-Hand Goods Act 2009 here.

Second-Hand Goods Act 2009 aims:

  • to regulate the business of dealers in second-hand goods and pawnbrokers, in order to combat trade in stolen goods; and

  • to promote ethical standards in the second-hand goods trade

Important Definitions:

The Act defines "Second-hand Goods" as goods which have been in use by a person other than the manufacturer or producer. It excludes goods with a value of less than R100.

A "Dealer" means a person who carries on a business of dealing in second-hand goods.


The Act is clear: Every person who carries on a business as a dealer must be registered.

Registration is processed through the South African Police Service. Find out more here.

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