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Are adverts on Bike Hub verified?
Are adverts on Bike Hub verified?

How do I know if an advert is legitimate?

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Bike Hub does not inspect adverts for legitimacy. Given the nature of the platform it's simply not possible to verify every item posted.

Where we're alerted to problematic ads or violations of our Terms & Conditions, we will take action to remove the advert and terminate the user account.
With that in mind, we encourage you to use your judgement. If you're concerned about a particular seller, either proceed with caution or look for another item that you're more comfortable with.

Warning signs

In terms of warning signs you might want to look out for:

  • Item is priced well below market value

  • Seller is eager to move quickly on a deal

  • Seller is evasive about the source of the item (e.g. no proof of purchase or suspicious reason for sale)

For more guidance about trading safely on Bike Hub, take a look at our Safe Trading Tips article.

Reporting a suspicious advert

If you are concerned about a particular bike or seller, please report them to Bike Hub via the "report button" on the advert page.

While in many cases a hunch alone might not be enough for us to terminate a user's account, a report does prompt us to keep a closer eye on a seller's activity going forward.

Read more about reporting a suspicious advert here.

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