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I am a dealer. What are the rules for listing adverts?
I am a dealer. What are the rules for listing adverts?
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Bike Hub Classifieds offers the best opportunity for dealers to expose their stock to the largest online cycling audience in South Africa.

Listing fees

A listing fee is charged based on the value (price) of items you sell:

Up to R 1,000


R 1,000 - R 4,999


R 5,000 - R 14,999


R 15,000 - R 44,999


R 45,000 - R 74,999


R 75,000 or more


Flat fee categories:
A flat listing fee of R150 is charged for any listings in the Entries & Services section. This includes: Event entries, Accommodation & Tours, Shuttles & transport, Jobs, Bike services, Fitment, Coaching & Training. Rentals and other services.

Once listed your advert remains active for 30 days.

Bike Hub Wallet and Bulk Discounts

With Bike Hub Wallet, you can pre-load funds to your account to benefit from the convenience of one-click payments and added-value each time you top up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is a dealer?
    If you're using Bike Hub’s classifieds section as part of the course of business, re-selling new or used goods, or offering services we regard you as a "dealer". See our Terms and Conditions.

  2. What does it cost?
    We charge a listing fee for retailers and second-hand dealers. Please see the table above for the pricing.

  3. How long does my ad stay up for?
    Your advert will remain on the Classifieds for 30 days after which it will expire.

  4. What happens once my ad expires?
    After expiry, an advert can be renewed for an additional 30 days at the standard listing fee.

  5. How do I get more exposure for my advert?
    Bike Hub Boosts are optional upgrades which expose your advert to more buyers, increasing your chances of making a sale.

  6. What payment methods can I use?
    Payments can be securely made via Credit/Cheque Card, InstantEFT, or SnapScan.

If you’re posting multiple items we’d recommend using Bike Hub Wallet to pre-load credit on your account. This saves time and offers discounted listing pricing. Find out more.

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