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How do I contact a seller?
How do I contact a seller?

Seen an item that interests you? Here's how to get in touch.

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All items listed on Bike Hub are sold by third parties and not by us directly. These include businesses like local bike shops, resellers alongside private sellers.

You'll need to login first (or sign up)
Only registered members are able to contact an advertiser. If you do not have a Bike Hub account, you can register for free here.

Open the advert that you want to respond to. Under the price you will see one or more of the following contact options:

1. Send message
The 'Send message' button lets you contact the seller via the Bike Hub messaging system. They will be notified of your message through the on-site notifications and via email. You'll also receive notifications of any replies from them via email and on Bike Hub.

2. Phone number (optional)
If the Seller has elected to show their phone number, you can click on 'Phone number' to contact them directly.

3. Buy with Bike Hub Pay (optional)
If a seller has enabled our secure payment option, Bike Hub Pay, you'll also see the option to Buy with Bike Hub Pay. However, we don't recommend sending a blind offer as your first interaction with a seller. Either chat to them first or follow up with a chat message.

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