A view of your advert means someone on the internet opened up your advert page, either by clicking on it on Bike Hub or if someone shared the link with them. It will give you an idea of how many people are showing interest in what you’re offering.

The advert page is the page that shows the photos, technical details, and contact details for the item for sale.

Totals Views includes all views for an advert page. Total Views include views created by Boosts like Top Ads or Homepage Ads. For views specifically generated by your Boosted upgrades, look to the views number under the heading for each Boost.


The number of times that your advert has appeared in the Boosted position.

For Homepage Features, this is the number of times your advert has been shown on the Homepage Feature carousel.

For Top Ads, this is the number of times your Top Ad upgrade has been shown in the Top Ad position.


Lead describes a connection made with a potential customer or client. The intent of the Leads number is to give an indication of the level of interest in your ad.

On Bike Hub, leads include:

  • Chats initiated

  • Phone number clicks (revealing your phone number)

Why do I have lead without hearing from a buyer?

Leads created in the form of a new Chat message will be appear in your Messages inbox and as an email notification.

Phone number clicks rely on that person making contact with you which we unfortunately cannot track. It's possible that an interested buyer viewed your phone number but did not or has not yet made contact.

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