Check that your Boost is active on your advert page

On your advert page, under the "Manage My Ad" heading, click the "Advert Stats" option. Here you can see whether your advert upgrade is active and how well it is performing. Find out more about the measurements on this page here.

Has it expired?

The first thing to do would be to check if your boost has expired.  Most Bike Hub boosts have 3, 7, 15 and 30-day options.

Homepage Features and Top Ads

In the case of Homepage Ads and Top Ads, they display in rotation with other ads that have been upgraded with the same promotion. This means that you may not see your advert in the upgrade placement for every page load. The more Top Ads and Homepage ads there are on Bike Hub, the less frequently each one will be displayed.

The Bike Hub Classifieds are viewed over 100 000 times a day, so even if you don't see it all the time, there are a significant number of viewers who do.

In the case of Top Ads, your Top Ad will appear more frequently when buyers conduct a search that includes your item (e.g. brand, model, size, province, price range, etc). This is powerful targeted advertising as it places your advert in a prime position ahead of competing adverts for buyers that have a real interest in the item that you are selling.

Bump Ads

In the case of a Bump Ad, as new ads are posted it will begin to move down the page again. If your ad has been pushed too far down the list and you would like to get it back to the top of the first page, you can simply bump it again.

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