Once you've sold your item you can mark it as sold to remove it from Bike Hub.

How to remove a sold item

From your the advert page

Navigate to the advert page for the item that you have sold. Above your advert, you will see a bar with management actions. Click the 'Delete' button and select the reason for removal.

From the 'My Ads' management page

You can also mark your advert as sold from the 'My Ads' page here. Click the 'Delete' button next to the advert and select the reason for removal.

Automatically requesting reviews from buyers

If you choose the Sold on Bike Hub option you will then be prompted to optionally select the name of the buyer. Selecting the buyer will trigger an automated request from Bike Hub asking the buyer to leave a review on your profile. You'll then have the chance to leave a review on their profile.

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