If you choose to upgrade your ad to a Top Ad, it will be displayed in rotation among the first 3 or 4 listings on any relevant search and category pages. This means that potential buyers are targeted and will see your ad first ahead of similar competing adverts listed in the category or search results.

Top Ad space is limited so adverts are shown on rotation. While a Top Ad does appear permanently all ads with this upgrade will all get their share of time in the space.

When the search criteria are broad and there is a high demand for Top Ad space in a particular category (like dual-suspension MTBs) it does mean that the frequency with which your advert is displayed will reduce on the category pages.

However, within a specific search intent, e.g. by brand, or price range or a specific province, a Top Ad will be shown far more frequently, if not all the time. A narrowed search is how most serious buyers search the classifieds. This means that your Top Advert appears in front of targetted buyers with an interest in your advert ahead of normal adverts.


7 Days - R 99.00

15 Days - R 199.00

30 Days - R 299.00

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